Our Move to NYC: FAQ

Our NY news has come as a big surprise to many of our friends and acquaintances… which means we’ve been getting bombarded with questions about our plans. I thought sharing some Frequently Asked Questions along with our answers here would help shed light on the situation and keep me from feeling like a broken record, sharing the same info to dozens of people. So without further ado… here goes!

When are you going?
We will be leaving next week! I fly up on 1/24 and E will drive my car up soon after. Just in time to celebrate my 29th birthday on the 28th!

What about your house?
We are currently looking for a renter. If you know of anyone needing a place to rent in Nashville, please send them our way. We just did alot of updates to the house and it looks great- I kind of hate that we won’t be there to enjoy it, but I know it will make a lovely home for whoever God leads to live there. icon smile Our Move to NYC: FAQ You can view the listing on Craigslist by clicking here.

What are you doing with your stuff?
We have sold/are selling alot of it– check out my facebook album if you are interested in seeing what we’ve got for sale. We are packing what we plan to keep and shipping it in a U-Pack Relo-Cube (basically a POD), along with whatever else will fit in our car.

If you are local to Nashville, we are also having a moving sale THIS SATURDAY January 19. Items for sale include: 200+ DVD movies, dozens of TV show seasons. A Breville Panini Press, a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, an Oreck Steam Mop, Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum, coffee grinder, several different home decor items, serving bowls/platters, stoneware/cookware, a WOK, some Pampered chef kitchen gadgets, a couple handbags/luggage items, several board games, a small patio set, 2 white wood rocking chairs, a set of 13 blue Ball Mason jars, a TV stand, a small desk, two outdoor grills (one gas, one charcoal with smoker) and lots more. If you want to come by leave a comment or email me and I will send you the address!

What made you decide to move to NY?
To be honest, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I officially fell in love with the city when I interned there in the summer of 2006. After several trips there with E, it was apparent that he loved it, too. We often talked of wanting to live there but didn’t know how to make it happen. It’s something that has been tugging at our hearts for several years now and we eventually decided that there was nothing *really* holding us back. I feel like this deep pull wouldn’t be there unless it was what God wanted us to do- so we are following our hearts and trusting in Him to put us where we belong!

Do you have a job?
Neither of us have secured Full-Time positions in NY yet. We have been sending out resumes and applications and we are trusting that God will put us where we are meant to be!

Are you crazy? Moving cross country with no jobs?? What about money??
I am lucky to have income coming in from my blog as well as my paper business, and my company in Nashville has asked me to stay on as a freelancer to help with the transition. Additionally E and I made a goal for 2012 to save more money in general, so we had a good chunk saved up that will help us with the move. E is also selling his car since we won’t need two cars (might not even need one!)

E also had about a month’s worth of PTO that he will cash in from his job so that gives us a little extra cushion as well. Selling some furniture and decor items (that we most likely won’t have room for anyway) has given us enough to cover our entire moving costs at this point, which is a HUGE help! Overall, we’ve tried to be as calculated as possible in making these plans, for as quickly as it is all happening! Again, we are trusting in God’s plans for us and we have faith that He will provide, as He always does.

Where are you going to live?
I am lucky to have family on Long Island who are graciously allowing us to stay with them while we figure out the job and housing situation. We will actually be staying in the basement apartment at my grandparents’ house where I lived as a young girl when my parents were first married! It’s like I’m coming full circle icon smile Our Move to NYC: FAQ It will be nice to be close to my extended family who I seldom get to see otherwise. I know that living with my grandpa will help to lift his spirits and also give my aunt a little break from taking care of him all by herself.

Once we find jobs we will most likely rent a place of our own somewhere closer to or in the city, but will commute into the city from there in the meantime as the train station is fairly close to my grandpa’s house.

What about your furbabies?
Knox and Zooey are moving to The Big Apple! Steve Perry has decided he’d rather stay in Nashville and will be living with our friend Justin. We are going to miss him very much but look forward to visiting with him when we come home to Nashville!

What can I do to help?
Please pray for us! Pray that the move goes smoothly. Pray that God will lead us to the jobs we are meant to have. Pray that we are able to find nice, clean, reliable renters for our home. Pray that this adventure only brings E & I closer together. It’s a leap, a risk- albeit a calculated one. Pray that our faith remains bigger than our fears and that we continue to trust in His will for our lives. Seriously, your prayers mean the world!

I will miss you. When will you come back to Nashville?
We are going to miss seeing many of our wonderful friends in middle TN! Since both of our families live in the greater Nashville area, we will definitely be back to visit and will keep everyone updated as to our travel plans. Since we will be renting out our townhome, we will be able to deduct our travel costs to come home to check in on our rental property once a quarter. I doubt we will come home that often but it’s nice to know we can deduct those travel costs to come visit family!

step out in faith

We know that this is a big leap of faith, but it’s something we’ve prayed about for a long time. Like I said before, we feel like God is pulling our hearts in this direction so we are stepping out in faith. The words in the graphic above came from my pastor’s sermon at my church this week. You can watch the full message here. Pete’s words and the following verse from Hebrews are bringing us comfort and peace as we go through the final (somewhat stressful) aspects of the move:

1Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For by it the people of old received their commendation. By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. 

– Hebrews 11:1-3, 6

We are leaning into God and drawing nearer to Him as we step out in faith on this new adventure. We appreciate your support and prayers during this exciting time!